Off the “point”

In an era where we were taught not to remain quiet if we come to see or hear any wrong doings happening in our society,
We were also instructed to pocket our insults
Not for a while,
But forever.
And there I went “off the point”
But I did nothing except following them together.
Yes, Partially.
Pretty much biased fully.

We have been also taught to have loads of patience
So that we don’t react
Not because we were not wrong
But because it was about their respect and dignity.
And the respect which we held for ourselves
Had no face value
Which could ever be counted.

We live around the people who also tried to shape us by their philosophy that never matched with our thoughts or decisions
Yet we were tagged as liberals.

Sometimes, even small steps that we took just for the sake of somebody were the best source of destruction to our own self respect.

And when it was about the most nearest people around us who stopped us to voice our voice,
We were stuck and hence, it was the brutal birth given to injustice
Leaving us with masks on faces,
An empty decision

By which our living didn’t inspire
But our death spoke more than anything
May be till now
Or forever!

In the End

At the end of the day,
We will be happy!
Happy seeing anxieties we have had in past
And all scars would imprint heavyweight.
We will appreciate all wounds we had on us.
Not because we were left helpless, with no options or we liked being in sorrow & pain.
But because we faced all of it.
Being with someone, or even ultimately alone
All anxieties, utmost fear, screams & echoes.

Climbing on every stair of life dilemma,
We faced all of it!

Nepotism- A life giver or life taker?

Nepotism, be what?
Is that which flummox you or leave you outskirt
Giving an attracting favour or cultivating strength
To emerge a better sleep, and maintain harmony
Or a disharmony thrown on potential stars
Is that a living culture
Or a favour-cum-plate
Who defines it fully?
A fellow whom it is given,
Is self made
Or friend of a friend, one from pedigree or a sleeping head in a Royal family.
Call it a life giver, or life taker
But denying a fact is impossible when you’ve to mark a difference between
A longing talent and a temporary pushed on generation,
An unhampered dedication and uninspiring figure
A reservoir of born potential and a readymade plate served result.
So ask yourself, Which one gives you a courage to say that
You are truly out from nepotism or which tells you
Nepotism is an indirect practice to injustice or we are the followers who don’t call it an injustice?

I wish..

I wish
I, being your friend
Would have helped you ever
Problems that you have got in your life,
I wish I would have lessen them a bit
I wish being a medicine on you, all wounds that you have got, I would have healed them quickly
Whatever was absent in your life,
I wish I would have brought them in order to complete your life.
Whatever suspense you have left for now
I wish I would have read completely
Whatever regret there is within us
Is only that I wish I would have ever helped you
Reading, writing, all stuff is meaningless
When humans are increasing humans’ pain
Without realising that
It is not only the life but even death is in their hands as well
If you ever find yourself managing your own problems,
Try to manage their problems too
Who are fighting with their life against death
And whom even pain also seems painless.

Just a glimpse- 5

Life is a series of learning.
One in which we seek experience. We gradually develop and become “something”, leaving behind the imprints.
As rapidly I was to bloom, so many things life gave up to face.
After all, learning is an overall thing that happened in my life. Obviously, this is one of the things that is always constant. Whether your experience of life is dull or glorious, ugly or beautiful, superb or dumb, dark or bright, learning is an evergreen phase in each of the history.

The “young dumb”
too had so many learnings.
Initially, when elders were to be served with respect, she served her whole self with a genuine smile. She not herself was this only character, obviously what she saw, she learnt. But observation is to be filtered. Filtered in a way that you don’t come out with something which destroys your nature, hampering your own personality.
When you are surrounded by different people, you need to respect them. Until and unless you don’t respect, you are out of peace.
People around you may trouble you. But troubling them is of course no solution to it.
However, what we generally choose to do is teasing them, harming them or ultimately, disrespecting them back. I think practicing these actions are not going to work as a remedy. Nature is not to be changed. Just like ours.  Think over yourself, what lies in your hand to maintain harmony. Try yourself. Try your way. Even I met people who wished for me to die, but do I need to give the same energy back to them or should I make my own way?
Life is like your parents. It won’t judge you. It won’t take any revenge. It wants you to be rightful, wherever you go. Just it prays for you to remain safe. All in one way- TRUE SELF.

Just a glimpse 4: A “BOLD” Shy.

And climbing on every stair of life revealed a new set of story. The story of a “Young Dumb” girl. Where her blank space got painted, and turned out to be the open space for her belongings, yet HIDDEN to oneself.
Life in every dilemma shows its power. You could see humans understanding life. Some may be seen pampering their life. All because life is to be lived genuinely, with no shortcut key.
This girl too had this kinda belief that for every person, there is a right way to go. Now who decides this right way is a question found in her story. After every stair, life gives you a resistance.
She had no dreams to count on. She was just a growing grass with no sayings.
Just like creeps.
With nobody around, she used to practice her dance. Those 90’s songs and what not made her so pleased. She danced with no time limits. Herself alone, she had a big interest to fly like a little bee. She had a house where ground floor was often given on rent . Once when the floor was vacant and nobody was to be rented, the room used to be all covered with her careless kiddy steps, infinite excitement and Music on the tape.
‌Scholar Abode, her very first school knew her by the stage. Obviously not because she was a good dancer, but because the shy girl was ON STAGE.


Love. The most common track of every human to come across.
I called it a track, but it is versatile in nature.
So versatile that philosophy touches another ground reality and perhaps it is dynamic, self believed boundary, of no narrow escape.
Learning love gives you power to identify it but not to define this Jewel.
Once you are into it, you have your own definition of love. Yes. In your sense, your way.
Askin’ for grasping what others know about it would may tell you what you didn’t believe before and giving love may would be how others didn’t think to take that way.
This world has a major roleplay and priority of this pure feeling but it is not obvious that it defines its place. Priority could be of somebody and it could be placed by somebody else.
Love is one but felt by many.
Mind you, what many felt may not be love
but just a footprint. Or who knows even that is not love.

Just a glimpse-3

In the life going period, with all the new things coming to be experienced, I was engaged in my own world of magic. I was born and brought up in a joint family, where I believe it’s the most beautiful phase of life when you have so many people to give the same name i.e. FAMILY. I say to myself, I was lucky to be brought up like that. Every child has a different story, and is always somehow overwhelming and when I look at my childhood days, I always get thankful for the way I was taught right from day 1 when I opened my eyes onto this land for the very first time. However, as I said, time by time, things are faded away unlike they were used to be. Bonds in the family started losing but avoiding this fact, I keep on claiming that the most precious learnings that I have received in my young dumb days is more than enough to cover any other flaw that has now come up in highlights. Either flaws in the bond sharing or itself within us.

Just a glimpse-2

Life lesson

When I remember going back into my young days of past, I often call it an immaturely peace giving phase, just how when suddenly a glimpse of rainbow seemed to be closer, turning out as a pocket of happiness for me.
All I had in those days was indefinite respect towards myself.  Earning respect in that time was not something to work upon rather I claim that it was obvious to wear that respect cum personality as there was never a question of its erosion to arise.
For we individuals, growing as a human in a  diversified definition of life is a challenge but blooming as a girl gets more defying that we by time hope to have a support system. And we gradually find landing ourselves where we get somebody other than us and we are kicked then and there.

Just a glimpse

A life living mantra

Just like a shy girl, I too had things not to tell to people and also a lot to tell to others if I was damn allowed by their comfort.
‌I being silent always received compliments from family and others but then just like how leaves fall apart and their colours fade away by time, my life too turned into saturation and several things in my life refused to be the same. I didn’t actually believe that the life I had was really mine but it belonged to each of us who were even somehow involved with it.

Now that I am into my lesson learning and reading my deeds, I must tell that life is a story to tell and to be lived with but your life is yours. You may sometime not really like stayin’ with your own fuckin’ life because you had it in that manner but you are the only master to deal with it.